H2000 Series 3.0 - 3.5 t

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Forklift trucks are available with Japanese NISSAN engines.

Type of fuel – LPG/gasoline.

Load Capacity:  3 000; 3 500 kg.


Types of masts:

- duplex: lifting height from 3 000 mm to 6 500 mm;

- duplex full free lift: liftin height from 3 000 mm to 5 000 mm;

- triplex: lifting height from 3 600 mm to 7 500 mm.


Standard equipment of models:

duplex mast with lifting height of 3 000 mm, pneumatic tires, fork arms length 1 220 mm, fork carriage class 3A, 3-way hydraulic control valve, hydraulic transmision Power shift 1/1, ergonomic seat with safety belt Grammar, full hydraulic power steering, front and rear conbined lights and reversing buzzer, rotating warning light, back view mirror, overhead guard raincoat, LPG installation LOVATO, gas bottle bracket.

Options equipment of models:

fork arms with different length than the standard, fork extensions, solid tires, dual front tires, 4-way hydraulic control valve, catalytic muffler, steel cabin with heater, canvas cab with front glass, side shift, dual air filter, rear working lights.


Find the forklift for your aplication:

Series Model Capacity (kg)
Load centre (mm)
ravel speed (km/h)
  Н2000     CPQD30   3 000 500 19   NISSAN K21   
  Н2000     CPQD30   3 000 500 19  NISSAN K25  
H2000 CPQD35 3 500 500 19 NISSAN K25 

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