Electrical Forklift Trucks

Main advantages of electrical forklifts produced by HELI FORKLIFT TRUCKS:

- AC asynchronous motors, lack of switching elements and wear parts;

- CURTIS and ZAPI AC controllers, easy access to all systems, CANBUS technology of the electrical installation;

- Highly traction batteries, combining flawless operation in busy mode and low self-discharge during a prolonged stay;

-Convenient digital display, considering the basic performance of the machine;

- Robust and reliable steering axle. Hydraulic power steering;

- Convenient located operational levers. Adjustable steering wheel with electric switch for the direction of movement;

- Ergonomic GRAMMER seat with seat belt system and OPS (Operator Presence Sensing System);

- Mast with increased visibility, excellent comfort for the operator and safety operation.  Complete signal light and alarm sound equipment;